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BTEC Qualifications

Getting the right qualification is the first step to success. We are here to help you find the course that will support you to achieve.

Vocational BTEC courses have a clear purpose of opening the doors to higher education and a career. Employers can be confident the new BTEC courses contain the knowledge and employability skills learners need to succeed at higher level study and in their chosen career. We offer a flexible choice of subjects and course sizes. Our learners apply learning through a range of practical and written assessments. This allows learners to showcase their achievements to best effect when they take their next step. We combine the qualification, resources and training to enable progression. 

Universities have learned that BTECs are a great alternative to A-Levels, and very few institutions won’t consider BTEC students as candidates – even Oxford and Cambridge include BTECs as part of their overall course requirements, although usually alongside other qualifications as well.


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