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You're never too old to pick up new skills or find something new to get excited about.


Learning just makes life better, and you can start right now with these fun, practical - and completely free - online courses.


Just pick the topic that grabs you most, or work your way through them all. 


Available Courses:


> Design your Own Website

Get expert tips for planning, designing and checking you first website and learn to create dynamic, informative pages for your audience. 

> Grow your Own Veg

Learn how to grow your own fresh, local, seasonal and organic vegetables with this beginners course developed with Garden Organic. 

> Digital Photography

Find out how to get the most out of your digital camera and capture beautiful photos you can share with pride. 

> Starting your Own Enterprise

Get inspired and learn how to become an enterpeneur with your own start-up.

> Scanning and Editing your Old Photos

Scan, repair and enhance your old photos and documents, creating usable copies of precious originals, and a digital album to share with family and friends. 

> Creative Writing

Set your imagination free with advice, ideas and motivationn to start writing stories and creative non-fiction. 

> Family History

Research your family tree using census records, family records, online resources and expert advice. 

> How to Read Paintings

Created in partnership with City Lit, this course will give you some simple skills for getting more out of painting, while learning about artists and their worlds.

> Turning Points in Modern History

Take an interactive, video-led journey through recent history to find out how our world has been shaped by key moment and intriguing characters. 

> Memory Training

Boost your confidence and stretch your creativity by training your memory to be brilliant, with tutor and World-Record breaking memory champion, Jonathan Hancock.

> Internet Essentials

Explore how the internet can make a difference to your life, from the weekly food shop to enhancing your social life and stimulating your mind. 

> Sewing and Quilting

Discover these rewarding craft hobbies, picking up both practical and decorative skills through guided projects, including your own quilt.


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