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What is an Apprenticeship?



An Apprenticeship allows you to develop your knowledge and improve your competency in a work place environment,  and achieved Nationally recognised qualifications. An Apprenticeship qualification structure is known as a ‘framework’. In most instances, the framework requires you to complete more than one qualification, identifying that you have multiple skills sets which can be transferred to different employers and often in different sectors.


A typical framework consists of:

  • The Competence element enables you to demonstrate your workplace abilities. (Traditionally referred to as an NVQ or QCF award).
  • The Technical certificate identifies your knowledge and understanding within your sector. This is sometimes embedded within the NVQ dependent on your sector.
  • Functional Skills include English language skills, ICT and maths. Some frameworks currently do not require ICT. You may not be required to complete functional skills if you can evidence a GCSE pass, or an equivalent certificate.
  • ERR - Employer Rights and Responsibilities. This identifies that you understand your rights as an employee, and the rights of an employer. This can be completed as a standalone qualification, or maybe embedded within the NVQ/QCF.
  • PLTS - Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. As part of your Apprenticeship you will develop a series of underpinning skills  including creative thinking,  problem solving and team working.  These skills are identified as a strength in employability, and help to identify  Apprentices as particularly  effective employees.



Apprenticeship levels explained


There are three levels of Apprenticeships available for those aged 16 and over:


Level 2  Intermediate Apprenticeships – These identify your competency and knowledge in your sector.


Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships – These identify that you have already achieved competency and knowledge at a lower level. You are required to evidence experience and knowledge in your current sector prior to undertaking this level of Apprenticeship if you do not hold a Level 2 Apprenticeship  or equivalent.  At this level you would be expected to be involved in some team leading or mentoring activities.


Level 4 to 7 Higher Apprenticeship – To complete a Higher Level Apprenticeship you will be required to speak to one of our Senior advisors who will ensure your current job role allows you to evidence the competency you need to successfully complete the qualifications. You must be in a Managerial position and identify ways that you make influential Company decisions.



To get onto in to an Higher Level Apprenticeship, you’ll need A-levels, vocational level 3 qualifications or an advanced apprenticeship. You could start work and take a foundation degree (level 4) and possibly a BA/BSc/BEng (level 6) or MA/MSc/MEng (level 7), depending on funding and your employer. You would also receive on-the-job training in the skills that industry needs. All this and you could be earning as much as £300-£500 a week.


The cost for taking up a higher or degree apprenticeship will vary depending on your eligibility for funding, the suite of qualifications within the Apprenticeship Framework, the amount the employer is willing to pay and your age. In many cases, though, your apprenticeship will be funded jointly by your employer and government.


You will receive a separate certificate for each qualification you achieve, as well as receiving a full Apprenticeship certificate upon achievement of  all aspects of your Apprenticeship programme.


LDT will help you to evidence both your knowledge and competency, and support you to achieve your Apprenticeship.  Your employer will provide you the opportunity to complete tasks required, and offer support with regards to the specific business in which you are employed including policies procedures, personal and professional development.


Your assessor will meet you once a month, and provide you with assignments and activities to complete within an agreed time frame.


For more information please contact LDT via our contact form or call on 0207 998 3655 / 0208 616 2234.



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