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Apprenticeship Levy Information


An introduction to the apprenticeship levy

Welcome to LD Training's guide to the new apprenticeship levy.  Over the next two or three years the apprenticeship landscape will change beyond recognition. 

We believe that these changes will make a positive difference for businesses of all sizes. The system we’re now happily waving goodbye to, was deathly complex, hard to navigate and driven by the supply-side.  Great apprenticeship programmes were a triumph over adversity, not a necessary consequence of the operating environment.  The reform programme now underway has the potential to create a much cleaner, simpler and more customer-centric offer.

We’ve also learnt, though, that the best apprenticeship programmes form part of a wider, considered approach to business engagement with emerging talent. In our experience, the programmes that work best are preceded by meaningful business engagement with young people in schools and colleges and followed by structured career development pathways.  

So whenever we talk to businesses about apprenticeships we like to do two really important things. First, we want to build our understanding of your business, your goals and challenges – so we can put ourselves in your shoes and make sure that our advice is right for your business.  Second, we encourage you to think about your engagement with emerging talent in the round – so we can make sure we do something that joins the dots and adds real value.


Apprenticeship Levy explained

What is the Apprenticeship Levy? +
Who will pay the Levy? +
How much will I have to pay? +
How will the Levy be collected? +
How will I be able access my levy? +
What happens after I have paid the levy? +
What can the levy be spent on? +
Who can I spend my levy with? +
Is there a limit on how many apprentices I can train? +
How long do I have to spend the levy? +
So what are my options? +
What can I buy with funds in my apprenticeship service account? +



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