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Frequently Asked Questions
These are the questions we are asked most often. We hope you will find them useful, If your question is not covered below (Click here for Learners / Click here for Employers), please get in touch with us via telephone or email, details can be found on homepage.


Why should I invest in training? +
Can I get my qualification for free? +
How much will I have to pay for my course? +
Am I eligible for funding? +
What happens if I am not eligible? +
I was previously not eligible for any funding....why should I reapply? +
I am not confident with technology, can I still do the course? +
I have additional learning needs, will this course suits me? +
Are there any entry requirements for a course? +
Do I need to be working? +
How many hours do I need to work? +
Do I need my level 2 before completing my level 3 qualification? +
Will I have an Assessor/Tutor to support me? +
Are the qualifications that you offer full and valid? +
When can I start? +
What is the Apprenticeship Levy? +


Why Choose LD Training? +
Why should employers invest in training? +
How will my staff be supported by LD Training? +
How will I be involved in the training of my staff? +
What is the Apprenticeship Levy? +



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