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Functional Skills

What are Functional Skills?


Functional Skills are practical skills in English, Maths and ICT for all learners aged 14 and above. Functional Skills provide an individual with essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and work.


They are learning tools that enable learners to:


· apply their knowledge and understanding to everyday life

· engage competently and confidently with others

· solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations

· develop personally and professionally as positive citizens who can actively contribute to society.


Why are Functional Skills important?


Functional Skills are important because they provide young people and adults with the skills, knowledge and understanding that they will need in order to progress and succeed in education, work and life.


The benefits


Functional Skills qualifications are suitable for a wide range of individuals aged 14 and above who’d like to develop their English, Maths and ICT skills. No prior qualifications are required and Functional Skills are offered from Entry Level to Level 2. Functional Skills qualifications are particularly useful to:


· Learners:

young people and adults will develop important problem solving skills which make sure that they’re well prepared for employment, further learning and everyday life

· Employers:

this initiative will help to ensure that employees can apply vital functional skills in work situations which will improve effectiveness and productivity

· Higher education:

competency in the key subjects of English, Mathematics and ICT will help learners progress to further achievement, and will help them to study independently.


Please explore the resources below which contain support material for the Functional Skills qualifications...

If you have not achieved your GCSE Mathematics and English qualifications for University, we can enrol you on to our Functional Skills course. Contact us for more information. 

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