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Student Benefits

As a student of LD Training, you will have access to all the virtual resources that we have to offer. 


LD Training Learning Wall


All members of LDT Learning community have access to our unique Learning Wall – providing an interactive personalised visual ‘wall ‘ of information and much more.

Our Learning walls are a dynamic, interactive tool that allows staff and students to build and collaborate on curriculum based projects, quickly and easily on any device at any time.

Learning wall empowers and inspires.



LD Training Virtual Library


All members of LDT Learning community have access to our Virtual Library resource – Issues Online - providing a user-friendly  interactive research and learning experience.

Issues Online is an interactive resource containing articles, infographics and information on hundreds of important topics.

  • Students can  search  for  videos, statistics or articles.
  • The library of digital information is continually updated.
  • Provides access to hundreds of articles on contemporary issues, through a fully searchable online database.
  • Can be accessed by users from anywhere at any time.
  • Presents full-colour e-book versions of all the latest titles in the Issues series.
  • Encourages further research through unique multimedia archive.



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