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Success Stories

LD Training are proud to announce that the following learners have completed their courses and graduated with flying colours...


100% Successful Learners on all our Qualifications


“My expectations were met at the highest level. I have all the support that I needed. This course is all I need to progress to the next level of my career. It is very relevant. The support I got here was enormous. All my tutors were fantastic. My reading and writing skills has improved tremendously.” - D.Brady - Business and Administration Level 3



“This programme has help me to overcome my fear of not be able to fit in any job role. I can work with confidence in any environment. I felt confident and pleased all the way.” - A.Keser - Business and Administration Level 3



“Everything I learnt is very useful and I enjoyed the training. The training will assist me to achieve higher salary. I am pleased with my overall progress and I have identified skills that I did not realised I had.” - G.Greerus - Hospitality Level 3



“I learnt valuable skills that will definately help me with wherever I choose to go. It was relevant because the training has aided me to achieve a higher salary through a new job. The knowledge and skill I have acquired from this training will benefit me and take me a long way.” - S.L.Sibamba - Health and Social Care Level 3



“The course was very interesting and I enjoyed everything about the course. Everything I learnt is valuable. The training will give me confidence and will help me to get a permanent job. The assessor was very supportive.” - A.E.Hurjui - Hospitality Level 3

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